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The New Fields!

Phase 1 complete! We have two brand new full-size soccer fields that will be ready to play on next Fall. Yippee!


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Recreational League

8/15/14 Update:

Do not go to the link below to register–we will not honor those registrations as of today because registration is at capacity and we are now only filling the few slots we have that open up due to players dropping out.  Filling these spots will be done on a first-come, first-served basis.   We do not want you to register until we know there is an open slot!   Don’t despair either, though, because slots most always become available if registered kids have conflicts, they were put in the wrong division, they have moved or they don’t want to play, etc.

To have your child considered for registration, email Cara McNeely the following 7 things about your child at:

name, birthdate, age as of July 31st this year, division your child would be in (see chart below), parents names, parent phone and email contact information

If a slot becomes available in your child’s division, you will be notified right away to go ahead and register via the link below.

On the message line of your email, write:  Division # (and put your child’s division here)/ your child’s last name/ late registrant

This way we will be able to easily look for the kids in the division that has the open slots.  Again, we encourage you to do this and we will get back to you all the way up until the season starts in early September as things change within our registrations.

Please don’t email wondering about spaces and where you are on the wait list–we are busy getting the season off the ground and we promise we will let you know if your child’s registration is made possible.

2014 Season Dates

Your child’s coach will notify you by email during the third week of August to let you know the time, days of the week, and location of your child’s practice. Depending upon when your child’s coach wants to start, your child’s first practice will either be the week of August 25th or September 1st. Generally, the children in Divisions 1-4 will have two practices after school a week and then one game on 6 sequential Saturdays. The youngest players, those enrolled in the Knee Kickers program, may have 2 practices a week but some of these coaches opt to only have one after school practice and then do their second practice for the week right before the knee kicker games that all take place on Friday evenings.

The first games of the season will be on Friday, Sept 5th (for Knee Kickers) and Saturday, Sept 6th (for all other players). The last games will be on Friday, Oct 10th (for Knee Kickers) and Saturday, Oct 11th (for all other players).

Your child will need to bring to soccer cleats and shin guards to every practice and game. Shin guards are mandatory and cleats are strongly recommended. Players will be given a team uniform and socks by their coach before their first game.

Player Ages, Assigned Divisions, and Tuition

The division your child will play in is based upon their age as of August 1, 2014, per the following list:
Age 5, Knee Kickers –tuition=$60
Age 6-7, Division 1 – tuition=$60
Age 8-9, Division 2 – tuition=$70
Age 10-11, Division 3- tuition=$70
Age 12-15, Division 4- tuition=$70

Volunteers Given a Tuition Discount!

This year the recreational soccer committee is giving a $10 discount off one registration to each parent/guardian (and child too, if they agree to referee 3 games or more) who volunteer and thereby make this program stronger! To receive this volunteer discount, please indicate your area of interest on your child’s registration form. If you are registering more than one child, and both parents are going to be volunteering, then register one parent with one form and the second volunteer parent with the second registration form. We will contact you in August to remind you of your choice and to check on your preferred times before we make up a volunteer schedule in August.

LYSA’s success is 100% fueled by volunteers who give of their time for all our kids. To make this season happen, we will need approximately 30 coaches, 30 assistant coaches, 30 team sponsors, 40 referees, 8 people to paint lines on the fields, 4 people to put up and take down field flags for game days (field marshalls), 2 data entry people, 4 people for a fundraiser committee and 3 division heads who will manage the data for a particular age group.


Of this list, we are especially in need of referees and coaches! There are certification classes available for new referees during the summer, so please contact Cara McNeely (see contact information below) if this is of interest to you and we will place you on the list to receive email alerts for upcoming referee classes.


If you are considering becoming a coach for the first time—don’t worry! A GREAT LEAGUE BEGINS WITH GREAT COACHES, AND GREAT COACHES START WITH YOU! As a coach, you and an assistant coach will be responsible for running practices, communicating with your team’s parents, and making sure your team is having fun!! Studies have shown that recreational coaches have a significant impact on our children as they can teach values such as teamwork, good sportsmanship and doing your best. We have numerous ways to make you a successful coach or assistant coach! Some of the ways we will help you to succeed are:


If you are going to coach, follow this link to look at the practice locations and schedule for fall 2014. Practice times and locations will be granted based upon a first-come-first-served policy, so contact Cara McNeely by email to let her know what your preference is after you have looked at this link here:

Registration Information and Entering LYSA into your Computer Contacts List

We hope that registering for fall soccer will be easy. In an effort to make it a better process for all concerned this year we are setting up a new and improved on-line registration system and our first-ever on-line payment system. The first important step you need to take to make this process work is to accept BOTH of the following LYSA web addresses into your  contacts: and

Please take a minute right now to do this because otherwise your computer may well “junk mail” all of our correspondence and you will be left out of the loop! Then we will have to remind you to go searching for it because it has been sent to you already! With over 300 kids in the league, sending you a screenshot to prove that your address in already in our system is time consuming for us—so please do us this favor! Also when you do this, and then you will truly be able to cross this item off your list for 3 whole months!

Partial/Full Tuition Scholarships

Families that need tuition assistance will be awarded partial scholarships. This year, parents receiving scholarships must still pay $25 dollars towards the tuition of each child they want to register. You will need to check the box labeled ”scholarship registration for $25″  in the payment section of the form to indicate this alternative level of payment.  Your $25 dollar pay-in will help LYSA cover a portion of  the insurance, uniform and referee expenses that are attributable to each player that takes the field. If your family can not afford paying this reduced amount, please contact Cara McNeely (see below) directly to let her know of your  family’s situation so that a full scholarship can be awarded.


This year we will not be asking for uniform sizes on the registration form. Instead, we will be ordering jerseys in a range of age appropriate sizes for each team and then the coaches will hand out the various sizes according to the size of the kids on their squad.  Fitting soccer jerseys is an inaccurate science at best (as they tend to be big and boxy), but we believe this will be a better system and fit.

Trying to Play Both Soccer and Football

Changes have been made this year to the football program for the 4th, 5th and 6th graders that will involve 3 practices a week and games in Billings on Saturdays.  So, as of this year, these ages will not be able to play both soccer and football anymore; players will have to choose between the two sports.For children in 2nd and 3rd grades, football practices and games will be on Wednesdays and Fridays, so it may be possible to play both sports.  If your child is going to want to do this, please indicate it in the preferences part of the registration form.

Registering Mulitple Children and Ensuring that you are Fully Registered

If you have more than one child to register, after you hit the blue “submit” button, just come back to the top of this “Recreational League” screen to and go to the drop down menu to Fall Registration.  Your first registration should appear and you will be able to use most all of that data again, rather than having to re-enter it all.  Just remember to take off previous things you have signed-up for like volunteer jobs and sponsorships when you are registering the second child.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation letting you know your registration has been successful via email. If you do not receive a confirmation of registration email, it is because there has been a malfunction and/or you have NOT entered the LYSA contacts into your computer!  If you have already entered the addresses into your system, then your registration has NOT  been processed and you need to contact us.  If you have not entered the addresses into your contacts list, then see above for instructions on how to do this!

To register your player, follow this link.

Late Registrations After August 11th

We want all of the kids that want to play soccer to be able to do so, but  registrations received after August 1th will be accepted on a SPACE AVAILABLE basis only. Because we will be receiving registrations right up until our regular close date, our team configurations will be in flux throughout August.  If you end up registering after the 11th of August, we may not be certain we have an open space on a team that corresponds to your child’s age group up until right before the start of the season after all the regular registrations have been processed an settled onto teams.  You may go ahead and submit your registration anyway and then we will be in contact with you if there is a placement available. If it ends up that there are not any open slots in your child’s particular age group after the first week of games are played, then you will be refunded your registration fee after the second week of September.

If you have any questions about your registration:
Contact Adam Stern at: or you reach him by phone at 224-1875. If you are unable to fill out a registration on a computer, and need to register on paper instead, let Adam know and he will provide you with a paper form.

If you have questions about any other issues related to fall soccer:
Contact the Recreational League Chairperson, Cara McNeely, at or you reach her by phone at 223-8610.