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The New Fields!

Phase 1 complete! We have two brand new full-size soccer fields that will be ready to play on next Fall. Yippee!


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2014 Referee clinics:

New referees grade 8 certification clinic: for NEW referees (you haven’t been a referee before or have not recertified in the last 2 years). This course is scheduled for Saturday, March 1st from 9:00 until 3:00.  Location yet to be determined. You must register for this clinic online. Here are Step-by-Step Instructions. Here is Other Important Stuff about the New Referee Clinic.   Please note that the links for new referees are different than those for returning referees.  The cost of this clinic is $50.

Recertification clinic for current grade 8 referees: The grade 8 recertification class (you’ve been a certified grade 8 within the last 2 years).  This course is scheduled for Thursday night, March 6, 2014. Location yet to be determined.  Those wishing to recertify must do the online portion, take the online test and pay their USSF fees online.   The total cost for this clinic is $45 ($40 online and $5 at the door).

Again this year, in order to try and cut down on the time required in the classroom, a MANDATORY on-line self-study section has been added. You must complete this online training before the clinic. This should not take more than a few hours. The link for the online training is here: Note that this site uses your login information.  Please make sure you have registered on and updated your email and other personal information.  There are 7 modules to complete before you attend a rectification clinic. Each module is a pdf file that can be opened in acroread. Before you start you should download the answer sheet to be filled out as you go through modules. All the files are located in the folder “2014 Recertification Files”. You should go through these in order if at all possible. There are links to videos in several of the modules. If these don’t work please contact Jack Dockery via e-mail: You should bring your answer sheet to your clinic.

Beside these online Modules we will also have the take the referee exam. There are two versions, one for grade 7 and another for grade 8 referees. You cannot be registered until you pass the test and work through the online modules.

As in past years, please pay your $40 fee online, directly to USSF. This method requires your credit card. An additional $5 will be collected at the clinic to help pay the cost of the trainer.

Please pay your USSF fees online here:

  1. Login ID: Type in the letter R (capital letter) followed by your 16 digit USSF
    ID number, no dashes.
  2. You will be directed to U.S. Soccer Information Systems home page. Click on
    the “Referee” tab.
  3. At the top, click on the REFEREE tab.
  4. On the left, click on the plus sign next to Referee.
  5. In the left blue panel click on “Referee Registration”. Your 2010 record will
  6. On the top of the screen is your biographical information. Review it. If there
    are any changes, click on the link below the biographical information box. A
    new pop-up window will appear and you can edit the data. Save your edits.
  7. Next you will see the Registration Type boxes you are eligible to submit
    (Referee, Instructor, Assessor, Assignor, Indoor/Futsal). You may register for
    more than one at the same time, if you are eligible.
  8. Continue down the rest of the form answering all questions if required.
  9. When you are satisfied that all information is correct, read the Terms and
    Conditions. Check “I agree to terms and conditions” and click “Continue”.
  10. You will be directed to a secure credit card payment site to submit your
    payment using VISA or MasterCard.
  11. Please take a copy of the confirmation page to the clinic as well as copies of the on line conformation certificates.

Also Please sign up on-line at under clinics/Events for Livingston. This way we get a count on referees coming and materials needed.

One more item to note: As in past years, LYSA will reimburse your USSF fees ($40) once you have worked 4 games. Make sure you print off your USSF receipt. This will be required from you to process your reimbursement request.

For more information contact Mike @ directorofreferees [at] or 222-9356.

Or: Jack (599-5648)