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The New Fields!

Phase 1 complete! We have two brand new full-size soccer fields that will be ready to play on next Fall. Yippee!


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Code of Conduct (Old kids)


The following regulations and policies are in effect from the first day of practice of the season through the final game of the season.

General Regulations for All LYSA Players

1.  LYSA rules must be followed in all cases of eligibility, transfer, physical examinations, insurance coverage, starting dates, scholastic standards, etc.  Each coach has the responsibility to know and enforce both LYSA and MYSA regulations in these matters.

2.  Any civil law infraction or conduct by a player that is determined by the head coach and the LYSA administration to be detrimental to LYSA or the Livingston community will result in review by the head coach and possible suspension.

3.  A display of unsportsmanlike conduct toward any participant, coach, fan or official during a practice, game or other LYSA activity will be reviewed by the coach with possible suspension.

4.  Theft or malicious destruction of equipment or property owned by LYSA or another individual will result in a suspension.

5.  A player must be in school during the day in order to participate in a LYSA activity (practice or game) that day.  An exception would be if the player had an approved medical appointment or family emergency.

6.  Since the player will be representing the Livingston community, LYSA, and the league sponsors at all times, wearing apparel for out of town trips should be neat, clean and appropriate.

7.  Practices are mandatory.  Soccer is a team sport that requires team members to practice skills and learn the game. Players missing practice without prior notice to the coach may have reduced game time.

Drug and Alcohol Policy for LYSA players in School Grade 5 or Above

Use or possession of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, narcotics or hallucinogens by players is prohibited.  Any player or coach who is caught in the use or possession of any of these substances shall be immediately suspended for the soccer season.  I have read and understand the LYSA Code of Conduct.  I acknowledge that the Board of Directors for LYSA has adopted a “zero tolerance” stance on drugs and alcohol use by its players and violations of this policy will result in immediate suspension.