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The New Fields!

Phase 1 complete! We have two brand new full-size soccer fields that will be ready to play on next Fall. Yippee!


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Grade 9 Clinic


Here’s the information regarding the grade 9 clinic for NEW referees (you haven’t been a referee before or have not recertified in the last 2 years). This course is scheduled for Saturday, August 23, 2014 from 9:00 to 4:00 at the Park High School library.

To obtain this certification you must complete all of the following:

1) Registration for this course.  Full directions are below.

2) Complete the On Line Course prior to the clinic: (you can do part & then come back later to complete. Use the userid and password you create at to log in). This course will take several hours to complete.  Please allow yourself sufficient time.  Print the certificate at the end of each module.
Please note: you will NOT be allowed to participate in the classroom portion of this course if you have not completed the online modules prior to the start of class on Saturday the 23rd.

3) Take and pass the online exam.  You have 3 tries…Here’s the link: Grade 9 Online Exam

4) Attend the classroom instruction,

5) Attend an outdoor session (right after the classroom stuff) for flag work and other hands-on training.

The registration fee for this course is $50. Checks (preferrably) or cash will be accepted. Fees will be collected before the start of the session. .  Make your checks payable to LYSA.

LIVINGSTON REFEREES PLEASE NOTE: This grade 9 certification allows you to referee recreational games this fall. LYSA will reimburse you $40 once you have passed the course and worked at least 4 games as a referee or assistant referee.

*** Please register as soon as possible. This will help us plan the course and obtain sufficient course materials for the class.

Here’s how to register:

The Montana Youth Soccer Association requires on-line registration for these referee clinics.

  1. Site registration is required.

Don’t worry, it’s a simple process.  All bolded fields with an astersik (*) are required.  You need to create your profile, name, address etc.  This information is entered on the left hand side & is straight forward.  On the right side, for “assignor area” click the drop down and select Livingston.  For “boys center”, “girls center”, “boys ar” & “girls ar” select “none” from each drop down box.  Here’s the link:

Once you have a user id and password at

1) Go back to

2) login (right-most tab above the calendar) with your new login and password.

3) go to the clinics/events tab at the top, 3rd from the left.

4) select Livingston

5) click on the “registration” tab for event #352 August 23. Enter Livingston as location, Raiders as club, check if you are under 18, leave the 0’s for center and AR info, none for “want an upgrade” and “at the clinic” for how you paid.

6) Click “add”. You are done.

If you have questions or troubles with the online self-study or registration contact Mike at 222-9356 or directorofreferees [at]