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The New Fields!

Phase 1 complete! We have two brand new full-size soccer fields that will be ready to play on next Fall. Yippee!


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Northside Park Adds Finishing Touches to Phase 1 of the Project

press release photo oct 2010

Final touches to Phase 1 of the Northside Park and Soccer Fields Project are being completed this week. In addition to the 22 evergreen trees – Ponderosa Pine, Colorado Blue Spruce and Austrian Pine – that were planted this summer,  26 deciduous trees, including varieties such as Poplars, Red Maples, Burr Oaks, Ash and Flowering Crab-apples, have been installed. On Friday, October 15th, members of the Livingston Rotary Club helped plant one of the final trees to be installed, a Crabapple. With the assistance of the Rotary’s $1500 tree sponsorship, the Northside Park and Soccer Fields project is that much closer to fulfilling its motto “People, Parks and Pathways”.

Phase 1 of the construction for NSPSF – which includes over 7.5 acres of new green space and grass, the south parking lot, a cement pathway along the west side, over 50 trees, picnic tables, benches and allowance for the placement of two soccer fields – is now complete. A capital campaign is now in full force to raise the $600,000 -$700,000 needed for Phase 2, which includes over 7.5 more acres of park and green space development, more trees, picnic tables and benches, a pathway that traverses the park, room for a third soccer field, the west parking lot and site preparation for a support building and east parking lot. All of this completes the goal for converting the 18 acres of city land into park space. Area residents are encouraged to go to the Park and see for themselves how NSPSF will be a wonderful asset to the Livingston community as a whole. While the pathway is open for use, the grass areas are at a critical growth stage and people are asked to refrain from walking on the grass until the Park officially opens in August 2011.

The NSPSF Project is a collaborative effort between the City of Livingston and LYSA. In August 2011 and after the Grand Opening, the Park will be accessible to everyone. For more information about the NSPSF Project visit or contact Jeff Dickerson at (406) 220-3011 or You can also follow the Park progress on Facebook at

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