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The New Fields!

Phase 1 complete! We have two brand new full-size soccer fields that will be ready to play on next Fall. Yippee!


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U12 Report – May 24

We played two games this Saturday and both went very well. The first game against Stevensville was a good matchup, with each team placing shots on the goal throughout the first half. We tried a new formation to give the kids a different perspective of the game … but it didn’t last long. I quickly found out that I actually weakened the core of our midfield. It was my fault we didn’t win that game, but I feel like at this age it is important to educate the athletes on all aspects of the game. We hung in for an exciting 3-1 loss, that the scores didn’t justify.

Our second game was our best yet this year. We played Missoula Strikers U-12 all boys team. This is one of the most highly respected teams in the league this year. We held them and stood our ground for the first half at 0-0. The second half proved to be a tiring one. The Missoula Strikers passed the ball well. We were also passing well, but of course, our efforts took a lot of energy. We started to tire toward the end of the second half, which I like to see, because it means the athletes were playing hard throughout the entire game. We had a few slips that missoula took advantage of ending the match with a 3-0 loss. We fought for the ball, we obtained it and we protected it well this game. Each one of us made an effort to beat our opponents. We didn’t back down in the face of a good team and that alone takes courage and confidence.

I feel like we are starting to make things happen, work as a team and recognize what is what on the field. GOOD JOB PLAYERS. I am excited for this week of practice.

Coach Matt

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